The Official and Modern Diarrhea Songs

Dedicated to Diarrhea and all its Greatness

          Why have we created a website devoted to something as nasty as Diarrhea? Well, it's simple. Do you rememeber back in the day as a young lad or lady, the joy of singing a tune to recognize the fruits of our bowels? Well some of you may not, and you may be disgusted to the thought of such a symphony of words. But, if you are like the rest of this nation, you will join us in the reminiscence of the great and Mighty Diarreha Song.

Now there are a few variations and many re-creations to this song that have appeared throught history. If you would navigate the options above, you will see the 2 main varitations we have specifically chosen to share with you. As time progresses and the Diarrhea god lives on, we will post new and modern variations to the Diarrhea Song.


Here's a first look at one of the Diarrhea Songs

When you're shifting into gear
And you feel something smear....
When you're looking at your shoes
And you feel something

When you're sittin in a booth
And you feel something smooth....
When you're putting on a skirt
and you start to get the

When you're seeing polka dots
And you start to get the trots...
When you're taking a piss
And you see something

You're about to take a quiz
And your *** begins to fizz....

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Please enjoy, and we are delighted you found the site dedicated to Diarrhea Songs!